A time to cherish

It never fails, every time someone stops to admire my pretty little girls, I hear the same thing. It seems like anyone with older children always has one piece of advice “enjoy this time with them, it goes by fast”. When you are four nights straight without any sleep because someone is sick or teething, the last thing you wish is for this “enjoyable” time to go any slower than it already is. This piece of advice really didn’t hit me until I opened the UPS box full of party supplies. In a few weeks my oldest will be seven. Then I looked over at the little one crying because she is learning how to stand and has fallen over again. I just had her. And now she is almost walking. Then it hit me like a hurricane. I was in tears. They really really do grow up so fast. They each have little things they do that I want to enjoy today, and hope I remember much later on. Things like when I paint my nails and my big girl comes in and says “I want my nails red too, because i want mine to look like yours.” I forget when I am yelling and angry, and stomping around that I am her example. I forget how much she really looks up to me and wants to be my carbon copy. One of these days, too soon from now, she will be expressing herself in ways I wont understand and she will be her own person. I will then be some outdated version of what she used to look up to and adore. I am excited about that day, to see what all my hard work has created, but I can not imagine her not being a little girl anymore. When it comes to adoring their mommy my littlest one really takes the cake. In her eyes I am all there is. Most of the time when she cries, all she really needs is me. She needs me to drop everything and give her my undivided attention. I complain about how busy she keeps me and how I sometimes cannot get a minute to myself. Everything from getting dressed or going to the bathroom gets more difficult when you have a baby. But she LOVES me, I mean really loves me. I get the best feeling when I open her door in the morning. The second she sees that mommy is there to pick her up her face lights up. No matter what kind of mood I am in, or how much sleep I lost the night before, that smile never fails to turn my day around. I am her whole world. She does not care that I am wearing my ratty pajamas, or that my hair is a mess, all I have to do is show up. How often do you get the chance to have someone love you that much? With young children you never feel unloved, unwanted, or unnecessary. Time hanging out with Mommy never gets old no matter what we do. They are never any less excited that I am around. I love that about them right now. But one day they wont care about having me around. Hanging out with me will be the last thing on their minds. So I am glad I have all those fellow parents everywhere I go reminding me that I need to cherish this little bit of time I have. How old were your children when you started noticing they no longer needed your attention? How did you handle it?

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